Poke The Bear 

American Pale Ale  5.5% ABV

A pale, refreshing and hoppy ale.  Supporting malt and new world hops provide balance, drinkability and classic citrus, floral and tropical fruit characters.

Go ahead… challenge the status quo… Poke The Bear!

Gullah Cream Ale

Cream Ale 5% 

Brewed with grits grown on Edisto Island by Geechee Boy Mill.

Lefty Loosey 

West Coast Style IPA   7% ABV 

(Can Only Currently) 

Brewed in the left coast tradition, this IPA is dry and bitter.  Front end loaded with those old school hop varieties that helped define the style.  Hand loose with this bitter, quenching can of sunshine.

Backoff Warchild

Double IPA  8.6% ABV

A lofty double IPA with medium body and oozing with Columbus, Idado 007, and Mosaic hops and dried out in true west coast fashion. Pine and citrus lead the charge with faint hints of honey and fruit with a clean, lingering bitterness. 

Small Victories

Imperial Red Ale   7.4%  ABV

This Amber ale is brewed to double strength and comes in at a deceiving 8.2% ABV.  Heavy caramel notes from Crystal Malt and an intense dry hop of Palisade and Mosaic hops provide a malty sweet and high hop bitterness/flavor/aroma that creates an exceptional balance.  This beer has over a pound per barrel of hops and comes in at a staggering 90 calculated IBU’s which helps it stand up to any robust food pairing in winter.

Never Sunny 

New England Style IPA 6.5%

IPA brewed with oats and a low flocculating yeast, with massive amounts of citra and mosaic hops added at whirlpool.  The resulting beer is opaque and hazy, overflowing with tropical fruit flavor and aroma.

Breakfast & Brunettes 

Belgian Dubbel with Coffee 6.7% ABV

Breakfast and Brunettes, two of Ron Swansons favorite things; well, ours too!  This Belgian Dubbel has been cold steeped with a Sun-Dried Ethiopian blend roasted by our close friends at Kudu coffee. This addition of coffee blends seamlessly with the classic Belgian yeast profile and has nuances of red berry, chocolate, and whispers of roast. We don’t wake up every morning with a beer, but when we do, it’s Breakfast and Brunettes!

Crosstown Brown 

Nut Brown Ale  4.7% ABV

Covert Ops 

Dunkelweiss  5% ABV

Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern Germany wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means “dark”) with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Most are brown and murky (from the yeast). The usual clove and fruity (banana) characters will be present, some may even taste like banana bread.


Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse 5% ABV

Just in time for Thanksgiving…  This mixed-fermentation farmhouse uses brett yeast, cranberry and mulling spices to give you exactly what you need to wash down all that food.  This beer is from our new facility dubbed “The Hold”.

FunkMaster Brett & The Furious Hops 

Belgian IPA 6.7% ABV

This beer was brewed with innovation in mind.  Using Sacch Trois as a driving force for abundant tropical aroma that bursts from the glass, and coupled with insanely priced designer hops, results in notes of mango, lychee and pineapple through the finish.  You get “The Message.”

Peculiar Paradise 

Golden Saison 7.6% ABV

Dry & spicy phenols from french yeast.  Toasted bread notes from a touch of munich malt.

Ryety – Tighty 

Red Rye IPA    6.2%  ABV

“Who’s The Boss?”  Series is a batch brewed once a month by our brewers, but not our head brewer.  He doesn’t get a say in it, at all.  Join us for the release and food pairing Sunday November 12th starting at 12PM for the release of this tasty IPA.

God’s Favorite

Belgian Golden Strong Ale   9% ABV

Ramblin Rubus  

American Wild Ale w/ Raspberries 7.25% ABV