Poke The Bear 

American Pale Ale  5.5% ABV

(Draft Only Currently)

Our go-to pale ale.  Go ahead… Poke the Bear.

Hotel Rendezvous

Bavarian Wheat 5% 

This Bavarian-style ale will leave your tastebuds in a quandary, feeling as though they’ve just had a Hotel Rendezvous;  A tryst with something less familiar.  Subtle banana esters play in tandem with clove phenols and a wheat base.  Enjoy this fresh, unfiltered wheat beer with people you love, or people you want to love.

Lefty Loosey 

West Coast Style IPA   7% ABV 

(Can Only Currently) 

Brewed in the left coast tradition, this IPA is dry and bitter.  Front end loaded with those old school hop varieties that helped define the style.  Hand loose with this bitter, quenching can of sunshine.

Ginger & Jasmine

Ginjo Beer w Sake Yeast 4.4% ABV

This rice beer was fermented using sake yeast with additions of ginger and jasmine tea.

Midnight Special

Oatmeal Stout     6.4%  ABV

Never Sunny 

New England Style IPA 6.5%

IPA brewed with oats and a low flocculating yeast, with massive amounts of citra and mosaic hops added at whirlpool.  The resulting beer is opaque and hazy, overflowing with tropical fruit flavor and aroma.

Gullah Cream Ale

Cream Ale 5.5% ABV

*2016 US Open Beer Championships:  Gold Medal 

Brewed with white dent & yellow dent corn.  Clear, golden & dry.  Low ester production due to low fermentation temperatures & cold lagering.

*A portion of the proceeds from the distribution of this beer support, and will continue to benifit the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor, as well as the Gullah community here in the lowcountry.  Our intentions are to educate our patrons through discussion and information.

To learn more about the Corridor as well as the history, culture, and community of the Gullah Geechee People please visit:

Lean Or Fat?   

English Summer Ale 4.8% ABV

* 2015 Gold Medal US Open Beer Championships

Crisp, clean and balanced toward slightly hoppy.  Subtle English fruit character with a light mineralogy.  Thirst quenching.

Lazy Lover 

Belgian Blonde Ale  7.6% ABV


Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse 5% ABV

Just in time for Thanksgiving…  This mixed-fermentation farmhouse uses brett yeast, cranberry and mulling spices to give you exactly what you need to wash down all that food.  This beer is from our new facility dubbed “The Hold”.

Breakfast & Brunettes 

Belgian Dubbel w Coffee 7.4% ABV

Cold steeped with a sun-dried Ethiopian blend roasted by our friends close friends at Kudu Coffee in Downtown Charleston.

Kill Ian 

Irish Red Ale 

A bit sweet, with a lightly hopped tea-like flavor, and an even dextrinous body, Irish Red Ales are easy to please.  Look for well-rounded and blanced flavors, and a pleasant toasted malt character in many examples.

Ryety – Tighty 

Red Rye IPA    6.2%  ABV

“Who’s The Boss?”  Series is a batch brewed once a month by our brewers, but not our head brewer.  He doesn’t get a say in it, at all.  Join us for the release and food pairing Sunday November 12th starting at 12PM for the release of this tasty IPA.


Russian Imperial Stout   9.6% ABV

Oh My Darlyn  

Barrel-aged Scotch Ale  10% ABV

*2016 Silver Medal Great American Beer Festival Denver, CO

A strong, traditional scotch ale that presents with a sweetness brought on through malty flavors of caramel, fig, toffee and raisin.  Aged in Virgil Kaine whiskey barrels for a time.

*Available in 12oz Bottles