Gullah Cream Ale

Cream Ale 5.5% ABV

*2016 US Open Beer Championships:  Gold Medal 

Brewed with white dent & yellow dent corn.  Clear, golden & dry.  Low ester production due to low fermentation temperatures & cold lagering.

*A portion of the proceeds from the distribution of this beer support, and will continue to benifit the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor, as well as the Gullah community here in the lowcountry.  Our intentions are to educate our patrons through discussion and information.

To learn more about the Corridor as well as the history, culture, and community of the Gullah Geechee People please visit:

Hotel Rendezvous

Bavarian Wheat 5% 

This Bavarian-style ale will leave your tastebuds in a quandary, feeling as though they’ve just had a Hotel Rendezvous;  A tryst with something less familiar.  Subtle banana esters play in tandem with clove phenols and a wheat base.  Enjoy this fresh, unfiltered wheat beer with people you love, or people you want to love.

Lefty Loosey 

West Coast Style IPA   7% ABV 16oz Cans

Brewed in the left coast tradition, this IPA is dry and bitter.  Front end loaded with those old school hop varieties that helped define the style.  Hand loose with this bitter, quenching can of sunshine.

Up Sh*m Creek

India Pale Lager  5% ABV

*Brewed exclusively for Red’s Ice House, Tavern & Table, and Revelry’s Tasting Room.  Available in draft, and cans to-go.

Crisp, dry Pilsner-style lager dry-hopped with loads of citra hops to provide a beautifully crisp, light and aromatic beer that will keep you quenched while you’re Up Sh*m Creek.

Achtung!  Drive-By Fruiting  

Berliner Weisse w/ Red Raspberry & Blackberry  4% ABV

(Sold Out)

Our drive-by fruiting series continues with this beautiful german inspired sour wheat with red raspberry & blackberry.  A perfect summer option, with looks to kill.

Never Sunny 

New England Style IPA 6.5%

IPA brewed with oats and a low flocculating yeast, with massive amounts of citra and mosaic hops added at whirlpool.  The resulting beer is opaque and hazy, overflowing with tropical fruit flavor and aroma.

Poke The Bear 

American Pale Ale  5.5% ABV

Our go-to pale ale.  Go ahead… Poke the Bear.

FunkMaster Brett & The Furious Hops  

Belgian IPA  7% ABV

Tropical fruit esters.  Dry, with lingering bitterness.

Future Cougar

(Sold Out)

Hoppy Blonde Ale w Peaches  7.5% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with Breakside Brewery, Holy City Brewery, and Lefty Hand Brewery.  A bottle conditioned, barrel-aged bad ass.  Enjoy…

God’s Favorite  

(Sold Out)

Foeder-Aged Belgian Golden Strong Ale  9% ABV

Golden & demure as a pilsner with a come-hither effervescence and aroma.  Notes of honey and subtle spice interplay with American white oak in this foeder-aged beast.

Red 5 Standing By  

Flanders Style Red Ale  7.5% ABV

*Silver Medal:  2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards

Aged in French oak founders for 8 months.  Aromas of oak, soft acid & dark fruits.  The flavor decidely acidic with notes of dark cherry & subtle chocolate.

Wee Heavy Bevvy   

Scotch Ale  8.4% ABV 

Brewed in collaboration with Real Ale Brewing & FiftyWest Brewing.  Wee Heavy Bevvy features the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Great American Beer Festival medal winners in the Scotch Ale category.

*Available in 12oz Bottles